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3 ADULTS OR 2 adults + 2 CHILDREN · 50 kg weight · 300 kg capacity

Vesikissa Meri is the ideal high-quality inflatable sailing catamaran for those who dare to start learning sailing, for the professional sailor, and also for whom is important to relocate the lightweight portable catamaran (packaged in 3 bags up to 20 kg each) everywhere by car, camper/trailer, train or airplane – and share the perfect sailing experience with their family and friends.

The unique structural system of the catamaran makes it as safe and manageable to overlook beginner’s mistakes as gives more speed, velocity and handleability to the professional one in the strong wind or when a gentle breeze comes. 

Vesikissa Meri Benefits for You

1. From Beginner to Professional

The in atable catamaran Vesikissa Meri helps the beginner to start safety sailing with a low risk of damages and it gives the professional sailor the experience with a new type of sails. It is an ideal solution for solo sailors, families, companies, and professional sailing schools – everybody who wants to get and share the drive and fun of sailing. Vesikissa Meri can be used on even shallow lakes and bays, can be quickly relocated and requires just a little storage space.

2. Near and Far

You can take the portable Vesikissa catamaran for a sailing weekend at the nearest lake or river – or to another continent to explore a coast. Vesikissa Meri can be packaged into 3 bags, up to 20 kg each, and it takes just 40 minutes to assemble it.

3. When Wind is Strong

The unique Vesikissa Meri’s structural system makes it comparable with plastic or wood models in rigidity. is ensures a great margin of safety against the strong winter and waves. At the same time, the catamaran is lightweight and portable.

4. Wind Fell Away

A well-advised mold line of Vesikissa Meri, its form of the centerboard and sail system allow you to sail even in a gentle breeze. And a place for engine gives you the ability to drive in dead calm.

5. Ultimate Safety

Four independent in atable sections of the catamaran means you have one more additional independent section on each side of the hull to feel safe.

6. Be Ahead

Thanks to the unique design and modern technologies, Veikissa Meri helps you to be ahead – in quality, speed, safety and price of your portable in atable sailing catamaran. 


Vesikissa Meri DRIVE -  with a centreboard Better for advanced sailors

Vesikissa Meri DRIVE - with a centreboard
Better for advanced sailors

Vesikissa Meri FUN  - with integrated fins Better for beginners

Vesikissa Meri FUN - with integrated fins
Better for beginners

Special Winter Discount!

  • Special price in Jan-Feb 2018: 4,850 EURO (list price: EURO 5,250 - you save 400 EURO)

Technical data

  • Persons: 3 adults or 2 adults + 2 children
  • Weight as sailing boat 50 kg
  • Assembly time: 30-40 minutes
  • Colors available: orange, yellow, red, blue, and combinations
  • Working load: 300 cm
  • Air cambers: 4 (2 independent cameras on each side)
  • Overall length 430 x 220 cm
  • Mast height 510 cm
  • Boom length 173 cm
  • Tube diameter 45 cm
  • Operating pressure: 0,25 bar
  • Packing dim.: 3 bags: 180 x 20 x 25 cm
  • Motor output: 3.3 kW / 3 HP
  • Motor weight: 17 kg (not included)
  • Fore-/mainsail: 2.9 m2 / 6.4 m2
  • Total sail area: 9,3 m2

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