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1-3 seats · 14-24 KG · 145-230 BEARING CAPACITY


Vesikissa Virta inflatable kayaks allow you as to take pleasure in seeing the masterpieces of nature as to explore indented coastlines on calm and white water – just next to your door or on another continent. It is your friend in adventure of every kind. 

1. Quick Assembling

  • Inflate the kayak (approx. 10 min even with a pedal pump)
  • Insert an aluminium keel (1-2 min)
  • The kayak is ready for journey

2. For Lake, River, and Sea

Vesikissa Virta is equally effective and safe both on the calm and the white water, on a lake, a river and the sea – which means you’ll be safe and have fun during family holidays, weekends with friends, and extreme travelling.

3. Hold the Course!

The boat is agile, fast and easily controlled due to the unique aluminium keel that helps the boat to keep the course even in head or ank winds – and saves the time to assemble the inflatable kayak.

4. Phenomenal Ship Stability

Thanks to its low centre of gravity and a felicitous hull form even a beginner can safely handle the kayak. So it is suitable for travelling with children, as well for fishing. And the more experience you get – the more opportunities the Vesikissa Virta kayak opens for you.

5. Long Life

Durable and attrition-resistant high-quality polyvinyl chloride fabrics of the multi-camera inflatable hull prolong the life of your kayak and make the repair rare and easy.

6. Fast & Compact Packaging

The Vesikissa Virta kayak can be packaged in less than 10 minutes in 1 bag total weight of 14-24 kg depending on passenger capacity and model.

7. The Vesikissa Team

The boat is designed by a winner of the World Rafting Championship Dmitry Karbutov, and a team obtained over 30 years of family adventure water experience. 

More Details

Technical dataVirta 36 FunVirta 36 DriveVirta 42 FunVirta 42 DriveVirta 46 FunVirta 46 DriveVirta 46 Expedition
Passenger capacity, people1122332
Maximum bearing capacity, kg145145200200230230230
Outfit weight, kg14181922222424
Closeness of texture, gsm950950950950950950950
The kayak sizes in a bag (included), m1.15 x 0.55 x 0.25
Extreme length, m3.
Extreme width, m1.
Cockpit length, m3,13,13,
Balloon diameter, m0.
Number of buoyancy compartements5555555
Retail price incl. VAT and 10% winter discount, EURO85793410431183113713261326
List price incl. VAT, EURO952103811591314126314731473

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