1. Want to get new enjoyable experience during vacations or weekends with your family or friends?

2. Dream to take your kayak or a sailing catamaran everywhere by car, camper, train or airplane?

3. Need a universal, safe, easy controlled and stable kayak for calm and white water, for rivers, lakes and seas?

4. Looking for a boat to start paddling or sailing or to teach your children?

5. Want to have a high-quality water equipment?


Vesikissa is Designed for You!


Our inflatable kayaks and sailing catamarans was designed in Finland, the country of 1000 lakes. They were created by the team that involves a winner of world rafting championship and experts in family water adventures. Our boats combine high quality in every detail, simplicity, advisability, safety, and reliability.


More Fun with Friends

Travelling with Family

It is so important for children to open the world with their parents. With Vesikissa inflatable kayaks and sailing catamarans, your children will reveal new talents and potentials. They can paddle and sail, see familiar places at a new light, discover new countries and wild nature. They will learn teamwork and achieve new goals together with you. High stability on waves and multi-camera hull design gives you assurance and safety.

Vesikissa lightweight and stable inflatable kayaks and sailing catamarans will help you to get a new experience with your friends, discover new places and meet new people who share your active lifestyle. New adventures await you – right next to your door, and in other countries and continents – due to the ability to take Vesikissa boat with you everywhere by car, camper/trailer, train or even airplane.